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A good indicator of your car’s overall health is the shape of the brakes. Unless you have superb brakes in excellent condition, your safety on the roads of the UK may be at risk. Timely checks of the brakes are essential in maintaining their health. At Matmore Motor Parts in Spalding, we have a great team of experts who bring with them years of service experience and a never-say-die attitude.

Before we service your brakes, however, you must be aware of when to repair them. A good rule of the thumb is servicing your car’s brakes every time you have your car’s tyres rotated. There are specific indications which you must pay heed to before you opt for the best brake repair Spalding. Some of the most obvious ones follow.

Do my brakes need servicing?

The problem with most drivers in the country is that they do not know when to get their car’s brakes checked. We can now categorise the various issues which you must keep an eye out for.

  • Brake pad replacement: Brake pad replacement at Spalding is a pretty serious issue. They are one of the many parts of the braking system that cannot be repaired; they need to be replaced. You should only perform brake pad replacements under expert supervision, which we, at Matmore Motor Parts, do around the year.
  • Brake warning lights start acting up: Notice the dashboard where all the warning lights are bunched together. You will find the brake warning light, which looks different from the others. If you see specific warning light coming on often, and without any warning, the brakes need a check-up. On that note, the ABS light coming on at odd times should also be a warning signal.
  • Unusual noises: Braking is not a very quiet operation in any sense of the word. However, too much noise when braking is also not a good sign. It indicates that there is something seriously wrong with the brakes which should be looked into immediately. Squealing noises are also not desirable.
  • Unusual reactions while applying brakes: When braking under normal circumstances, the car remains, However, whenever there is something wrong with the brakes, you will notice that your car pulls either to the left or right when you brake hard.
  • Wobbly brake pedal: Brake pedals are used quite frequently on city roads. If you notice that they are wobbly or too soft whenever you press down on them, it might indicate that there is something wrong with the brakes. The brake fluids might be depleted, or the brakes themselves may not be working at full capacity. Either way, a brake repair at Spalding is advisable.
  • Increased braking distance: If you keep your eyes and ears open, you will notice some warning signs immediately. A marked increase in the braking distance is a dead giveaway of a faulty braking system. It makes for very risky driving too.

How can we help?

At Matmore Motor Parts in Spalding, we have a special team of experts who know the braking systems inside out. We also deliver on time and never compromise on quality. In case you are seeking the best brake pad replacement Spalding, look no further. Bring in your car to our facility and notice the difference.