Car Tyres

One of the most critical parts of your favourite car is also one that you most commonly tend to overlook. These are tyres - an all-important aspect which helps your vehicle to move. Since the weather in the UK ranges from one extreme to another, it stands to reason that the tyreswe use are of various types.

Are you looking to buy new car tyres online? We can help! At Matmore Motor Partsin Spalding, we store all the latest models of tyres from various companies which we retail for the lowest possible prices. Dunlop, Pirelli, Goodyear, or Bridgestone- we have all those great brands and then some.

Various types of tyres we store

Although they might look the same, no two tyres are entirely alike. The car tyres price depends on the kind of tyres that you buy. Below are some of our most commonly sold tyre types.

  • Summer tyres: Summer tyres are more popular in the UK during our comparatively short summer months. The rubber used is soft, the agility and nimbleness admirable, and thedexterity and cornering ability superb.
  • Winter tyres: Generally, whenever the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius, you should use winter tyres. These tyres have a harder rubber composition and are hydrophilic. Watch out for the M/S or the M+S variants, as these demonstrate the ability to navigate even over mud and snow.
  • All-season tyres: Just as the name suggests, these tyres can be used around the year. It means that you no longer have to change the tyres with each passing season. Incidentally, all-season tyres share the best traits of both summer and winter tyres and have that extra edge when it comes to driving on off-road conditions.
  • Run-flat tyres: Originally, this type of tyres were used for protection of High-Value Individuals or HVIs. Run-flat tyres do not deflate when they get a puncture. It is interesting to know that such tyres have it in them to run for over 50 miles at approximately 50 miles per hour. We recommend that the punctures get a look-see at the first available opportunity, of course.
  • Great brands: Did we mention that we have all the best existing brands currently available? Cheap car tyres are not always the best options, but you can definitely get the best prices for car tyres at our facilities.

Buy tyres at Matmore Motor Parts

Matmore Motor Parts has a wide-ranging variety of tyres which we retail at great prices. Once you get a taste of what we can do, you will not go anywhere else. Come down for a visit on any working day, or else check out our website. We are always here to help.