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Have you ever driven on a steep slope? We are sure you must have. Imagine making a sudden turn with the engine on full throttle. Something serious is bound to happen. It is precisely for this reason that your car clutch is essential.

You use the clutch while changing gear or if you want to stop your vehicle without killing your engine. That makes it one of the most used component of your car, other than the brakes, and AC. It also makes it one of the first part to wear out, especially when you commute around city traffic.

To understand it better, we need to take a look at how it works. Let’s take a brief look at some of its functions.

  • Disconnects the transmission and drivetrain, thus ensuring fluid gear change.
  • If you are driving in a place like Spalding, a vital car part like the clutch helps you control your car engine as per your requirement.

How to figure out when to replace the clutch?

Usually, your car’s clutch should perform without faults from anywhere around 30,000 to 100,000 miles. But if you see any malfunction, we at Matmore Motor Parts recommend you to visit our clutch replacement garage.

The clutch is a component that has to endure more ‘torture’ than other parts. Following are some tell-tale signs that your car’s clutch is going haywire:

  • A loose feeling whenever you press the clutch pedal.
  • Groaning noise whenever you change gears.
  • Slow acceleration.
  • Excessive force required to change gears.
  • There even might be a sudden decrease of acceleration as a result of a slipping car clutch.

Now, let’s understand why the wear and tear happens

This might get a bit technical, but stay with us. We will do our best to simplify as much as possible.

Have you recently visited a car repair centre which also doubles as a clutchreplacementgarage? If you have, the first thing that you will hear from a technician that it is the most common replacement request they receive.

What happens when you put your clutch into action? A compression spring disconnects the flywheel and the plate (of your clutch). The mechanism used for this step is hydraulically dependent where the pedal starts up the cylinder. It generates energy to push your clutch plate to the spring.

All of these complex movements are bound to have a hard impact, albeit over an extended period. Besides, parts like the clutch bearing and the compression spring require years of expertise to assemble correctly. Our experts at Matmore Motor Parts know this very well as even a minor mistake can cause severe damage.

If you need to have a clutch repair in Spalding, you can always visit us.

Replaceable parts

If you ever feel extra smooth while pressing down on the pedal then most probably you have to replace the cylinder as it indicates leakage. Other significant components, which are more frequently replaced than others, are the cylinders and the compression spring.

Clutch replacement services at Matmore Motor Parts

As already mentioned we have some of the best engineers, mechanics,and technicians who are more than capable of addressing your issues whenever you come to us for a clutch repair at Spalding.

Our clutch replacement garage is one of the best in the UK. Book an appointment with us and receive services of the highest standard.