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A modern car is not unlike a human being in many aspects. Like us, it has a temperament, sudden breakdowns, and diseases (malfunctions). Like us, it needs the occasional visit to a doctor (car mechanic).

The difference is that, unlike us, the car can diagnose its own problems, thanks to On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD). When cars switched from carburettors to fuel injectors in the 1980s, another significant change took place- the addition of onboard computers.

Today, a typical car has software attached to most of its components- the engine, fuel tank, exhaust, suspension system, which allows a mechanic to run a scan to determine the condition of those said units. OBD has revolutionised the way car servicing is being done.

When you visit Matmore Motor Parts for car diagnostics in Spalding, you’ll see that our technicians will hook up your car with a computer. This will tell them if there’s anything wrong with your vehicle. Fantastic, isn’t it?

From engine to exhaust and more

So, what exactly will the diagnostic tell us? It’ll let us know a lot about the running status of the engine, transmission, fuel tank, exhaust system, tyres, and a few other minor components of the car.

The major misconception about car diagnostics in Spalding and around the UK is that it lists the problems concerning the said parts. It doesn’t.

It does tell the mechanic if the readings on any of these components are off the charts. You see, every apparatus in the car comes with a pre-set parameter within which it is expected to perform. Diagnostics tell us if any of them has breached those parameters.

It takes the wit and expertise of a mechanic to figure out what has gone wrong. Simply put, diagnostics tells us where to look but not what to look for.

How does it help you?

There are tons of advantages related to On-Board-Diagnostics. We’ll list down a few for you:

  • Early detection of problems

Not all of us are experts in detecting minor issues with the car. Most of the time, they go unnoticed until those small problems evolve into something bigger and bring your vehicle to its knees. OBD is a significant step forward in diagnosing even the most trivial issue and acting accordingly. It saves you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  • It’s fast, really fast

Before diagnostics became popular, identifying malfunctions in a car was a time-consuming process. A mechanic would have to check every part individually and try to determine where the problem lies. OBD has made that process infinitely faster and more reliable.

Diagnostics has revolutionised the way car repairing is done. If you’re looking for a full diagnostics in Spalding, Matmore Motor Parts is the place to come to.