Mot Check


If you are a car owner in a place like Spalding or anywhere else in the UK, then it is mandatory for you to follow some rules -  MOT test (Ministry of Transport) is one of them.

Here, vehicles over three years old have to pass an annual test. The parameters are road safety, the rate of emission from the exhaust and roadworthiness. Initiated in 1960, it has been modified several times, the most recent being in 2018. Complying with the EU Directive 2014/45, some fundamental changes have been implemented, keeping the basics same as before.

Can there be re-tests?

Worried about failing the first time? Don’t be, because you can. Yes, you heard it right, you can take a re-test. If you have taken an MOT Test Spalding and received a VT20 certificate, it means that yours is a legitimate car.

However, in case you receive a VT30 certificate, it indicates that your car didn’t make it. Your vehicle has to register within ten working days.

Overview of the tests done

The Ministry of Transport dictates that any vehicle weighing above 450 kilos must go through a Class 4 MOT.

Now let’s check some of the aspects that are revised following the MOT guidelines.

  • Steering: Tests are carried out to ensure there is no steering lock.
  • Brakes and Suspension: The suspension is checked for any signs of rust or corrosion, while the brake pads are inspected for correct functioning. Technicians at Matmore Motor Parts regard this test especially as it concerns your safety.
  • Tyres: The specialists check wear and tear and minimum legal depth which is 1.6mm. Along with this, any lump which is deeper than 25mm is penalised as well.
  • Electrical System: To guarantee your safety in a busy place like Spalding, MOT checks are carried out for essential components like batteries, speedometer, and tachometer.
  • Lights: The headlights are checked to make sure it does not disrupt the vision of an oncoming
  • Body kit: Whenever you are driving through a narrow lane, chances are there that a sharp rusty edge might injure a person or scrape another vehicle. It is for this purpose that the MOT Test in Spalding is carried out on the body of your car.
  • Emission Standards: A class 4 MOT test ensures your vehicle abides by the emission standards laid down by the Government.

As already discussed, MOT has undergone many reforms, the last two in 2012 and 2018.

In 2012

Along with the addition of previous parameters, the reforms of 2012 added something new. A certificate that acts as notification was introduced. It ensured that an entry was made in the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) database.

It also started showing the vehicle’s mileage history. The reason for this was to put a check on vehicular mishaps in places like Spalding.

In 2018

The most recent survey conveyed an astounding 81% support for the changes in the MOT Test in Spalding and other parts of the UK. A system of ‘failure categories’ was introduced.

In the new system, malfunctions are classified into major, minor, and dangerous faults. A Minor Fault will mean that your car is roadworthy, although any backlogs will be kept on record. While a Major and Dangerous flaw will indicate that your vehicle is not suitable in cities like Spalding.

Our experts at Matmore Motor Parts thought it would be better if we explained the categories with an example. Let’s consider oil leakage. If it is insignificant, then it will be categorised as a Minor Fault. However, if the leakage is causing the oil to drip, then it will be considered as a Dangerous Fault, primarily if you don’t repair it.

We at Matmore Motor Parts provide our customers with such repairs.

What’s more is that we provide quality MOT check Spalding which ensures your vehicle passes the class 4 MOT. So, please do contact us for any issues regarding MOT.