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Imagine a scenario where it is a bright and sunny day in your city. You have decided to go for a long drive and have stored up for it. You hit the road and work your way steadily through the gears. Everything appears to be going fleetingly well until your tyre suffers that oldest of banes: a puncture. What do you do, especially when you are not carrying a spare tyre?

The answer is rather simple: you look for a professional puncture repair outlet. If you live in and around Spalding, Matmore Motor Parts is your best bet for such services. Unlike many other professional service agencies, no matter is too small for us. In fact, our puncture repair Spalding is one of our most sought-after services.

Are all punctured tyres repairable?

It is one question that customers frequently ask us. It is a rather important one to ask too. Puncture repairs may not merit too much attention, but we must remember that the location of the puncture determines if it is repairable.

In the UK, like almost every other automotive aspect, the BSAU159 standard governs the repair of punctures. This predominantly British standard helps determine whether the tyre is repairable based on how deep the perforation is, and how close it is to the sidewalls.

Accordingly, all tyres have a minor repair area, which is the central ¾ part of the outer surface. Any puncture that is outside this zone is often seen as being in too dangerous a territory to be repaired.

What happens if the sidewall is punctured?

The sidewall is the part of the tyre which bears the most weight. It has to be in top shape. Unless you are using run-flat tyres, you should do no sidewall repair. This is yet another reason why this latter type of tyres has seen a lot of popularity in the recent past.

Does the damaged area have any say on the subsequent repair?

As a matter of fact, it does. The same BSAU159 standard also mandates that no area greater than 6mm should be subject to a repair procedure. It indicates that punctures that nails or other miscellaneous sharp objects create are amendable. However, if you are looking for tyre repair at Spalding, you must know that bigger leaks made by bolts and other objects are not repairable.

How can Matmore Motor Parts help?

Matmore Motor Parts has a team of dedicated professionals at its facility at Spalding. In fact, we are spread all over the UK. We provide quality service in record time and within very reasonable price brackets. Come and see the difference for yourself!