Run Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are gaining more and more popularity in recent times. The reason behind this is the additional safety that these tyres provide. As a result, motorists and car manufacturers nowadays prefer these tyres for their vehicles. If you want to buy such tyres for your car, we can help you out.

We, at Matmore Motor Parts, offer an exclusive range of run-flat tyres for all sorts of vehicles. You can browse through our range of offerings online. You can view the features along with the run flat tyre price and decide what’s best for you. The tyres can also be fitted in our centre at Spalding. Visit our workshop at any time, and we will replace your tyre with a new run-flat one.

What makes run-flat tyres different?

What sets the run-flat tyres apart from other types is their ability to function even when there is no air pressure. With conventional tyres, the vehicle is primarily supported by air. When the tyre loses the air pressure, it fails to function. The car can no longer be driven in that scenario.

However, with run-flat tyres, that is not the case. These tyres are generally designed with reinforced sidewalls, which prevent the disintegration of these tyres despite being punctured. This provides the tyres with the ability to function without air pressure. The sidewalls make sure the tyres do no fail if air press is lost. The tyres also have rubber inserts, which temporarily maintain their shape.

This specific capability is the reason why so many people are looking to purchase run flat tyres online. If you wish to do the same, you can also visit us at Matmore Motor Parts.

When are run-flats useful?

As you can imagine, run-flat tyres are best suited for emergency situations. These tyres allow driving your car safely when there is a significant loss of air pressure in the tyres. Thus, with run-flats installed, you can drive to a safe place before replacing your tyre. Therefore, you avoid the inconvenience of fitting new tyres in the middle of the road.

No matter which run-flat tyre you choose, there’s still a limit to how much they can perform without air. When the tyre is deflated, you can continue driving for around 50 miles. It is recommended not to go beyond 50 mph.

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