Summer Tyres

Unlike many countries, in the UK, you must use different types of tyres in different seasons. When the temperatures fall below 7 degrees Celsius, switch to winter tyres. When it is warmer, summer tyres will suffice. You must remember that the summer tyres price at Spalding depends on many factors, from who the manufacturer is to when they are for use.

Are you looking to buy the best car tyres in Spalding? You are in luck. At Matmore Motor Parts, we store the best brands and the best types of tyres for year-round use. Summer tyres are nearly always in demand, but how do you choose the ideal one for yourself? Let us guide you.

Choosing the right summer tyres

Summer tyres can be pretty tricky to choose. Most of them look pretty alike in most respects anyway. Before you begin, there are certain things about summer tyres that you must know. Here are some of them:

  • Summer tyres come with a rather soft type of rubber, one which retains its solidity on roads. It provides a somewhat nimble nature when it is cornering and provides greater acceleration and thrust.
  • Since it is rarely too warm in this country, many people tend to use winter or all-weather tyres. This is a common mistake as these tyres are not nearly as capable as their summer counterparts.
  • Summer tyres generally offer extra fuel efficiency. That is because these tyres boast of better grip and running power. Summer tyres generally are significantly lighter than other types of tyres, which also ensures that they do not consume too much fuel.
  • This point has more to do with the setup of these tyres than their qualities. It is important to remember that summer, winter, and all-season tyres must never be fitted simultaneously in one car. Failure to adhere to this protocol can lead to vehicular damage.
  • Summer tyres generally have more longevity and considerably more power than many other types. They can be taken to the brink and will still perform. You can easily book tyres online from our facility and enjoy doorstep delivery.

Where do we fit in?

Matmore Motor Parts in Spalding stores all types of car tyres. We offer the best deals on the best available brands. In case you are unsure of which brand you should choose, visit our facility at Spalding. We also provide excellent advice on features to look out for.