Suspension and Shock Absorbers

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Shock Absorbers

Most car owners have one common complaint; after only a few years, their car’s suspension gave out on them. Indeed, it starts with small problems, and soon enough, whenever you drive over even the smallest speed-breaker, it seems to shake everyone in the cabin.

This is because of malfunctioning shock absorbers. Most of us know them as suspension, and they are an integral part of your car. Once these start malfunctioning, however, you might get a lot more than occasional jolts when you drive over a pothole or a bump. Faulty shocks can cause serious issues; if your car’s shocks are malfunctioning, you must’ve noticed how it stops whenever you apply the brakes. This can cause a serious problem when you are driving down a highway, and you must not let it pass.

To make sure you and your loved ones stay safe during your daily commute, we, Matmore Motor Parts, have brought our suspension service garage in Spalding. Now you can bring your car to our garage whenever you see an issue with it, and we will repair it in absolutely no time.

But before we do that, you have to know what exactly the signs of faulty shocks are.

Trouble with the springs?

A faulty shock absorber will give away multiple indications that you will understand, or rather, feel. Whenever you see any such issue, you should immediately bring your car to us for a suspension repair. Let’s discuss how you can quickly detect and diagnose if there is an issue with your car’s shock absorbers.

  • Increased braking distance – With faulty shock absorbers, braking distance can increase by as much as 20%. Whenever you apply your car’s brakes, shock absorbers are supposed to handle the inertia and g-pull.
  • Nosedive every time you brake Another common indication is your car leaning forward every time you apply its brakes. This issue results from the same reason; those faulty shock absorbers cannot handle the inertia, and your car takes a nosedive whenever you brake.
  • Body rolls during cornering – This is a significant safety issue that comes with defective shocks. When the springs give out, then the resulting shift in the centre of gravity while cornering will cause your car to lean towards that side. This is known as body roll.

Experts consider body rolling as a serious safety issue, along with increased braking distance. When it happens, there’s a chance of the entire car rolling over to one side, especially if it is carrying a lot of weight. You should bring your car to Matmore Motor Parts for a suspension repair whenever you face this issue.

  • Excessive rattling and noise inside the cabin – If you are driving on uneven terrain, there will be a certain amount of bumps that you will feel inside the cabin. However, while on a highway, there should not be any such issues, unless your car’s shocks are malfunctioning. This excessive noise and rattling can become very uncomfortable, and you should always visit us the moment you notice this problem.

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Shocksare neatly tucked inside a car’s wheel, and that’s probably the main reason why most of us completely forget about it most of the time. Just like your car’s other components, taking good care of the shock absorbers is essential to make sure your car works flawlessly.

Just so that you don’t have to go through the trouble, we are offering attractive prices at our suspension service garage in Spalding. Now all you have to do is book an appointment, and bring your car for service; we will take care of the rest.