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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

Looking for a mix of innovation, technology and a steady rush of adrenaline? Just come over to Matmore Motor Partsand purchase the tyre that can provide it all- Dunlop car tyres.

The visionary John Boyd Dunlop founded it in 1889. The pneumatic tyre pioneer established this brand out of England, and it has now become one of the world’s largest tyre producers.

Although many drivers in places like Spalding associate Dunlop with motorsport, we, at Matmore Motor Parts get sufficient bookings for regular cars as well. Driven by the motto of providing you with safe and an enjoyable ride, Dunlop car tyres have become a renowned organisation consisting of highly skilled workers, from all over the world.

Auto-garages like Matmore Motor Parts even sell Dunlop tyres online, and the response has been overwhelming. We are also amongst a few garages that have been authorised to deal in Dunlop products.

Reasons to purchase Dunlop Tyres

Other than having an extensive collection of tyres which caters to individual preferences for safety and enjoyment, there are some more reasons:

  • In the industry of tyre production, there are very few brands that manufacture so many different types of tyres. Whether you purchase Dunlop tyres online or from a garage like Matmore Motor Parts, you can buy tyres for all seasons and all kind of vehicles.
  • Every Dunlop car tyres you purchase are of the highest quality. This strict adherence to product standard and class has brought Dunlop many lucrative endorsements over the year. Some examples would be the British Touring Car Championship and the Le Mans Series Endurance racing.
  • In countries like the U.K., India and other nations, Dunlop has become synonymous with tyres. It’s because it has established itself as a global brand name over the last hundred years.
  • Dunlop car tyres are known for its ability to find new markets. It is still finding new territories to market their products.

Dunlop Tyres at Matmore Motor Parts

We, at Matmore Motor Parts, have a massive stockpile of Dunlop products. Along with this our expert technicians are always there to assist you to find the best Dunlop car tyres at any of our outlets. So, visit us or log in to our website to take a look at the extensive range of products we have to offer.