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Back in 1898, Frank Seiberling from Akron, Ohio created a company that made tyre and rubber materials for vehicles and other applications. Soon enough, they started making tyres for automobiles, cycles, trucks, etc. Today, Goodyear is one of the top four tyre manufacturing companies along with Bridgestone, Michelin, and Continental.

Goodyear was named after Charles Goodyear, an American who invented vulcanised rubber. Goodyear tyres gained popularity because they were easily detachable, easy to maintain, and had a long service life.

Today, after 120 years, Goodyear still maintains its mantra of making affordable, high quality products. This makes them a hit in the UK. That’s why we, Matmore Motor Parts, being one of the largest tyre retailers in Spalding, have stored an extensive collection of Goodyear car tyres for you to choose from.

A brief history of the company

Since its invention, Goodyear continued to stay one step ahead of their counterparts. Back in 1899, they added car tyres in their original product line, making them one of the first few companies to do so. Soon enough, in 1901, they were making racing tyres for Henry Ford.

Ford’s Model T came outfitted with Goodyear’s tyre, and in 1909, they invented the first pneumatic aircraft tyre. This radical progress helped them hold their ground, and increase their reach in breakneck speed. They made the tyres for the Apollo 14’s lunar rover, an astonishing feat in 1971.

Today, when you buy something from Goodyear, you get the assurance of over 120 years of market expertise. Our entire stock reflects their passion for making efficient road tyres. At Matmore Motor Parts,you will be able to choose from a range of Goodyear car tyres that they have to offer.

Goodyear today

Goodyear had concentrated their efforts on creating more efficient products for the future. Their R&D department has produced some of the most amazing products that are out there. As an example, there is the Eagle 360, a revolutionary spherical tyre that allows a car driver to move in any direction, at any time. Also, they are working on an airless tyre, adopting the original design from the lunar rover. We expect all these marvellous technologies to hit the market soon so that we can cater to your needs of equipping the cutting-edge Goodyear car tyres in your vehicle.

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