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Tyre Manufacturers - Hankook Tyres

Ever since its inception in 1941, Hankook car tyres have stayed true to the brand’s promise of delivering quality and performance.

It is as much committed to technology and innovation now as it was seventy-seven years ago. Hankook strives to offer their customers in cities like Spalding and around the world, a driving experience they will never forget.

Reasons to purchase a Hankook tyre

  • Comfort and safety: Hankook car tyres always put your safety first. They also make sure that you have a comfortable and pleasant experience. They want you to feel the rush of adrenaline every time you turn on the engine.
  • Confidence: If your tyre is made up of cheap materials, then incidents like skidding may cause mishaps. The brand ensures that Hankook car tyres endure the harshest of conditions.
  • Excitement: Don’t you want to feel the excitement and exhilaration every time you go behind the steering wheel? Hankook tyres guarantee that you get the same feeling every time the engine roars.
  • Satisfaction: The organisation has R&D centres in various parts of the world. The reason we, at Matmore Motor Parts,want to mention this is because this approach has enabled Hankook to create tyres for specific regions like Spalding. The goal is to give the customers a comfortable experience that completely syncs with the local environment.
  • A sense of pride: Not only does the brand integrate the latest technologies in its products but it also produces Hankook car tyres that are eco-friendly.

A brief overview of different Hankook tyres:

Ventus S1evo2

A perfect fusion of wet and dry performance, it has the following features:

  • High Grip Silica Compound that gives optimum traction and reduces rolling resistance.
  • Equilibrium Rayon Carcass Line for durability.
  • A more extensive belt layer made of steel that gives excellent handling.

Vantra LT (RA 18)

  • Outstanding performance durability as a result of a new and innovative belt layer.
  • Internal pressure distribution allows these Hankook car tyres to minimise air leakage.
  • A unique carcass structure helps in maintaining the shape of the tyre.

Dynapro MT (RT03)

This Hankook car tyre provides excellent traction and grip. It is one of the few tyres that give an unmatched, steady and consistent performance in the most severe of conditions. Following are some of the features:

  • Offers maximum shock resistance and improved traction on rough terrains.
  • A criss-cross geometric pattern on the shoulder ensures significantly higher traction in off-road conditions.
  • These Hankook car tyres have extra protection under the groove to avoid damage from rough tracks.

Hankook tyres at Matmore Motor Parts

Our collection of Hankook car tyres canbe found in very few garages in the UK. We also provide state-of-the-art service when dealing with Hankook products. We haveeven started selling Hankook tyres online.

So, book an appointment straightaway and don’t miss the opportunity to avail our lucrative offers and top-quality services.