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Back in 1872, Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded a rubber company making various products that catered to the market of that time. Soon enough, they got into the emerging automotive industry, creating some of the world’s first tyres. Today, Pirelli is a well-established name throughout the globe. Pirelli car tyresare known for their excellent performance, long service life, and the cost-effectiveness that they have to offer.

Pirelli has expanded their reach to over 160 countries today, and with their extensive network of over 14,000 distributors and retailers, they are among the top 6 tyre manufacturers worldwide. If you are looking to buy a product that has over 146 years of expertise behind it, you can visit us at Matmore Motor Parts. We are one of the largest tyre retailers in Spalding, and you can choose from a wide variety of Pirelli tyres, all at affordable prices, from our workshop.

Whether you are looking for tyres for your family sedan, SUV, or sports car, you will find the best collection of Pirelli car tyres in our garage. We also sell tyres online so that you can buy them from the convenience of your home.

Some of our most popular models of Pirelli tyres are –

  • P ZERO CORSA SYSTEM – A brand new breed of tyre that offers excellent performance on both tracks and roads, the P Zero Corsa System provides unmatched manoeuvrability and exceptional performance.
  • P ZERONERO GT – The mythical performance of the P ZERO system in its grand touring version, the NERO GT is the one you want for your next long drive.
  • Scorpion ICE & SNOW – Snow on the road ahead? Don’t worry, buy the Scorpion ICE & SNOW as your next set of Pirelli car tyres from Matmore Motor Partsand traverse even the worst road conditions with ease.
  • WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 – Once you have the assurance of this particular high-performance winter tyres, not even a blizzard can stop your advance. With its directional grooves and deep treads, the WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 rolls through those icy roads.

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