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Valves are small units responsible for maintaining the air pressure in your car tyres. You can find them at the point of inflation of tyres. The valves seal the air pressure inside the tyre. They do so by ensuring the flow of air in one direction only. Over time, these valves can get old, brittle, cracked and start leaking as a result. This could eventually hamper your driving experience to a great extent.

When valves are damaged, the tyre fails to hold air the way it is supposed to. Based on how severe the damage is, the tyre starts leaking air. In fact, in some cases, the tyre might not even be able to hold air entirely. This warrants a replacement of the valves.

If you feel your tyre is unable to maintain air pressure, we recommend getting it checked at Matmore Motor Parts at Spalding. It is very much possible that your tyres are okay, it’s just the valves that need replacement. Before performing a full inspection of your tyres, our technicians will look at the valves to see if it requires replacement. If it does, we will do the necessary and replace it with new valves straight away.

Importance of tyre valves

The tyre’s valve may be a small object in itself, but it plays a vital role in your tyre. It ensures longevity and safety of the tyre. These valves are often made of rubber and are exposed to elements, same as tyres.

Primarily, the valves serve as the primary access point to regulate tyre pressure. Along with that, it also serves as a barrier. It prevents outside elements like debris and dirt from entering the inner walls of the tyre. Thus, the valves avoid potential damages to a great extent.

Get valve replacement from us

With the regular wear and tear that it has to withstand, valves are prone to damage over time. That is why we, at Matmore Motor Parts, recommend valve replacement whenever the need arises. Replacing it every four years is standard. Needless to say, when you purchase a new tyre from us, you also get a new valve fitted into it.

We always have the absolute best products at Matmore Motor Parts. Even when it comes to replacing valves, we use quality valves. Be it metal valves or rubber valves; we will provide what’s best for your tyres. Visit us, and you can get your valves changed in no time.