Wheel Balancing

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Wheel Balancing

When you drive your car, have you ever noticed a slight wobble on the steering wheel? Maybe your car starts pulling to a side, especially when you drive at high speeds? Well, all these might be because of imbalanced wheels.

All around the UK, we get hundreds of complaints each year from car owners like you about such issues. We, Matmore Motor Parts, know how important it is to maintain a set of well-balanced wheels to make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe during daily commutes.

To make sure you do not suffer from such a critical issue, we have brought our service to your neighbourhood. At our wheel balancing garage in Spalding, you will be able to avail the assistance needed to correct the issue, that too at an affordable price.

What is wheel balancing?

When you drive your car, its wheels endure through hundreds of bumps on the road. Even on relatively good streets, these create some severe issue by changing the correct sync of your car’s wheels. The weight on each wheel should be spread evenly on the entire surface area.Over time and miles, it becomes imbalanced.

However, a lot of our customers get confused between wheel balancing and wheel alignment. In fact, they are two completely different services. Alignment involves the angle of the tyres in each axle, whereas balancing is the even distribution of weight throughout the tyre’s body.

Our expert mechanics at Matmore Motor Partswill correctly diagnose the issue, and you will get the best service of wheel balancing Spalding you can get.

Detecting the malfunction –

Unbalanced wheels generally give away some obvious indications. However, even the most veteran car owner sometimes may get confused about whether it is a wheel alignment issue or that of wheel balancing. To make it more convenient for you, and to help you identify it in a better way, here is a list of some of the most prominent signs –

1. Directional tugging – Unbalanced wheels tend to pull your car to one side when you are driving. You will notice this especially when you are driving on straight roads, at a reasonable speed.

Tugging is a significant safety issue. There have been multiple incidents where a car pulling to one side has suddenly caused a major accident, especially on the highways. Whenever you notice this issue, bring your car immediately to our wheel balancing garage.

2. Vibrations – Ifthe wheels are not perfectly balanced, they will vibrate when you drive your car. These vibrations can be felt through the steering wheel. It will increase whenever you pick up speed.

3. Increasing and uneven tyre wear – This is a no-brainer. A vibrating wheel will undoubtedly cause uneven tyre wear throughout its body. Check your car’s tyres periodically. If you notice any uneven wear, especially on the outsides, it’s likely to be a case of unbalanced wheels in your vehicle. You can bring it to ourgarage for repair.

So, what are you waiting for?

We know how tough it is to find a reliable and reputed car service garage in Spalding. So, if you are looking for the perfect place to fix the issue, visit us at Matmore Motor Partsimmediately. You can book your appointment ahead of your visit. Call us, or schedule an instant booking through the Contact Us page.