Winter Tyres

If it’s snowing in Spalding and you are still using a summer tyre, then we, at Matmore Motor Parts, are sorry to say that your tyres are redundant.

But most of our customers also say that these wheels provide them with sufficient performance, even when the weather is a bit chilly. Now, what will happen if the temperature comes down to 7°C?

The significance of winter tyres

You have to remember snow car tyres, or winter tyres as they are popularly known, are manufactured by tyre companies for a reason. Driving through thick layers of snow requires excellent grip and handling and braking performance. Summer tyres cannot offer them. Also, there is the vital concern for your safety while steering through slippery tracks.

What makes them different from other tyres is the presence of a soft rubber compound that gives excellent interlocking with the surface of the ground. Winter tyres in Spalding and other places, where the temperature drops significantly, offer the much-wanted shorter braking distance. This also ensures fuel-efficiency.

How to choose one?

If you ever get the opportunity, do come and visit us at Matmore Motor Parts. We will be more than happy to help you in selecting the perfect fit for your car.

And by the way, we even sell winter tyres online.

Ok, now, let’s give you some tips (hopefully valuable ones!)-

  • Tread: Make sure that the tyre you are purchasing has a structure that provides grip not only on snowy tracks but on muddy terrains as well. The recommended tread-depth is 1.6mm, although 4mm offers more safety.
  • Durability: The softer rubber compound might wear off faster, but the standard winter tyres in Spalding should last for about twenty thousand miles or three winter seasons to be more precise.
  • Riding Experience: Winter tyres had a bad reputation of giving the passengers a torrid experience. Nowadays, however, garages like Matmore Motor Partsrecommend customers to go for studless snow tyres. You should do so as they provide much more comfort while on the road.
  • Studded tyres: You shouldchoose this one if you are looking for extra traction and grip even on extreme icy strips as the pins or the studs dig deeper through the snow.

Both studded and studless tyres are available in Matmore Motor Parts. And yes, you can purchase these tyres online.

Winter tyres at Matmore Motor Parts

We are always eager to support you regarding any car related issues, whether it’s tyres, chassis or other accessories. We have a vast collection of snow car tyres, enough to convince you to buy one.

Hence, visit Matmore Motor Parts and receive the best service and product option that no other garage can provide.